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Discover the Keys To An Effortless Golf Swing and How To Hit Better Golf Shots – Consistently!

Learn today how to apply the knowledge that will change the way you think and play.

Whether you are striving to break 100, 90 or even 80, this formula for success will improve your golf and impress your friends with your new found confidence and shot making.

Dear Fellow Golfer

Jack Nicklaus said, "Golf is not and never has been a fair game."

I recall once playing in a foursome game, hitting alternate shots.  My tee shot to a par 3 hole ended up just by the side of the green.  My partner hit a terrible scuffed shot which skidded across the green and over the other side into a bunker.  I hit a great shot to within a foot of the hole.  My partner missed and I tapped in for a 5.

As we walked off, I muttered that I couldn't believe that we'd just taken 5 on a par 3 hole.  My partner said, "that's right and let's not forget who took 3 of those!"

Golf is not and never has been a fair game!  But there is none better!

If you would like to know how to create a consistent and effortless swing and start hitting those fairways off the tee and rolling those putts into the hole, then the answer is right here.

If you are like so many of the golfers who come to my site, you are probably intrigued to know how you can:

  • Hit better golf shots and lower your score.  The goal of every golfer!

  • Fix that slice which so often spoils the fun in the game.

  • Drive consistently off the tee – remember the 2011 Masters final round? Had he been able to keep the ball in play off the tee, the winner might probably have been Rory McIlroy.  However, he had sweet revenge later that year in the US Open, which he won with an awesome display of power and accuracy off the tee.  

  • Learn how to putt well and why the old adage “Drive for show and putt for dough!” is so true.   
    The 2012 US Masters was won by Bubba Watson, winning his first Major after a play-off.  But just 2 shots back was Lee Westwood, who'd had a miserable tournament on the greens, including missing from 2 feet and even 15 inches!  If he'd had the same number of putts as Bubba, he would have been an amazing 10 shots better and won by a country mile...

Whilst showing you how to enjoy and play better golf than you are right now, "Keys To An Effortless Golf Swing" answers the most frequently asked questions that trouble the average golfer.

The answers are right here and by following the clear and simple methods outlined in my book, your golf game will improve dramatically – guaranteed!

How can I be so sure? Because I am sure that I'm not much different to you and they are working for me - and countless others who have followed the advice I am offering you.

Do not spend any more money on golf aids and instruction books - because the steps to better golf are contained right here in "Keys To An Effortless Golf Swing"

But first of all, let me tell you a little about myself … I started playing golf more years ago than I care to remember and had a single figure handicap for over 30 years.

Playing for my country was the greatest honour I ever achieved, so I was a pretty reasonable golfer before my troubles began.

It started with the short putts - on one occasion I even took 3 putts from 1foot!! I am reminded of it still today, many years after the event, by my so called "friends".

Eight of us were having a day out and on one of the par 3 holes, from an elevated tee, I thought I had holed out in one! By the time our fourball had walked onto the green, the following four were waiting on the tee for us to finish.

I was last to putt - nothing was given to me in those days...From 1 foot for a 2, I hit the hole so hard the ball jumped into the air about another foot and ended up 3 feet away.  There was silence for a brief moment...In such situations, most people feel awkward, even embarrased and certainly sorry for you.  Not this lot!  Realising what they had just witnessed, the hysterical laughter that followed was deafening!  The mark of true "friends"!  It was a wonder that their noise and antics didn't get us thrown off the course.

I holed the next one, but unfortunately I hit the ball again on my follow through, so having had a 1 foot putt for 2, I ended up with 4.

Soon the rest of my game started to deteriorate - I persevered but the fun had gone and eventually my clubs were consigned to the back of the garage and remained there for many years.

Content for so long to just watch the game, last year I started thinking about playing and I decided to try again and so started to write down the areas of weakness and conflict – and my book was born.

So my friends, why am I qualified to offer advice that I know will help your game?

It’s because I’ve been there, hit in the 70’s and the occasional sub 70 round - and nothing is more satisfying as I’m sure you will understand.

I’m now back and applying the very same advice that you too can benefit from and avoid the trials and tribulations that I suffered.

You can ensure that my nightmare doesn’t happen to you!

"Keys To An Effortless Golf Swing" can help you too and have your friends envying your new found confidence and skills.

In "Keys To An Effortless Golf Swing" you’ll be shown how to improve your golf game – You’ll learn how to:

  • Cure a golf slice and stop coming over the top…The most common of golfing faults.
    This will lead to greater accuracy and added distance.

  • Drive a golf ball and consistently hit those fairways…
    By consistently hitting an extra 2 or 3 fairways off the tee per round, your score will improve dramatically.

  • Hit better golf shots from tee to green…
    It’s so much more enjoyable and a lot easier hitting into the green from the fairway instead of the rough.

  • Put backspin on a golf ball…
    This will give you the confidence to hit right up to the pin.

  • Enjoy the game more by playing better…
    Isn’t it great watching your ball disappear down the hole for yet another par?

  • Save Money…
    You’re going to be receiving from your opponents at the end of each game and not handing it over – and think of the saving on lost balls! You’ll also save on lessons and ineffective golf aids.

  • Get sound advice with putting instructions…
    Which will start to lower your scores immediately. Knowing how to putt well is perhaps the most important area in improving your golf game.

I’ll also give you one simple golf tip, which if applied, will have you playing better golf than you ever did before – without even hitting a single practice shot....

You are literally minutes away from the beginning of change and improvement in the way you play this wonderful game....

Inside "Keys To An Effortless Golf Swing" you are about to discover exactly how to:

  • Fix your golf slice                      ....  page 15

  • Drive a golf ball consistently        ....  page 12

  • Put backspin on a golf ball           ....  page 20

  • Putt with confidence                  ....  page 22

  • Think your way to success          ....  page 28




Before considering buying any other information on techniques and equipment, be sure it includes the following:

  • How to select the right ball for your game.
  • How to decide which is the best shaft flex.
  • Direct contact with the author - I'll be happy to answer questions that you have relating to playing better golf.

All of this is and more is covered in depth inside

"Keys To An Effortless Golf Swing"

When I first decided on what I thought was a fair price for the information my book contains, I came up with a figure of $47.

When you consider the cost of paying a Pro for this information and the time it would take for him to pass on all the tips within the pages of my book, then $47 is a fraction of what you would have to pay.

And with my book you have a permanent record to refer to at any time, of all the information that will make you a better golfer.

However I do realise that even at that price there are many who would worry about the value of my book so, as the sun is shining and as I have already started to sort out my game, I’m going to be generous!

You can download "Keys To An Effortless Golf Swing" for the bargain price of 


and have it downloaded to your computer in seconds!


And, as an added Bonus, I will also offer free of charge two additional invaluable e-books:

How To Roll 3 Shots Into 2

A fantastic guide showing you how to chip it close and why the Pros nearly always get up and down in no more than 2 shots from around the green.

This is where you turn a mediocre round into a good round.



Think Before You Hit

Simple and easy to implement drills which will make a big difference to the way you play your shots and improve your score.

Most of us just hit the ball without considering what we are really trying to achieve.

Think and score low!


Download "Keys To An Effortless Golf Swing" on my secure server below, you deserve to play and enjoy better golf, so now is the time to take action!

I am so confident that you will be delighted with your purchase that I will offer you 60 risk free days to put my methods into practice.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with "Keys To An Effortless Golf Swing", you just need to let me know and I will refund your payment – no questions asked.

That is my promise to you.

So enjoy the book – your game is about to get better!

To all your success in golf and in life,


Martin Dawson

Fix your golf slice - improve your putting - which is the right golf ball for your game.
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